A make-up artist tests how beauty devices affect the skin


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how beauty devices affect the skin

A make-up artist tests how beauty devices affect the skin

How Beauty Devices Affect The Skin, Whether you’re a techie or just want to make your skincare routine more interesting, you can try electric facials. Wondering how these innovative devices can improve your daily routine and give your face a radiant and youthful look? Make-up artist and beauty writer Iva tried them all.

A make-up artist tests how beauty devices affect the skin
A make-up artist tests how beauty devices affect the skin

Imagine having your own beauty salon at home, where you can perfectly care for your face and body at any time. Fortunately, your dreams may come true. Try beauty devices for home use and care becomes a breeze. There are many options: galvanic irons, ultrasonic spatulas, cleaning brushes or devices that work on the basis of phototherapy. So whether you need deep how beauty devices affect the skin cleansing or more radiance, you just have to choose between these technological wonders!

Which beauty devices are worth trying:

Before you get disheartened by the price, let me assure you that the FOREO FAQ™ 202 Mask is really worth the money. 600 light points, different light wavelengths, wireless operation. What should you do? Apply it on a clean and dry face several times a week. that’s enough. You look a little like Hannibal Lecter when you wear it, but that’s okay. Anti-slip headband and retention straps ensure this. That when the mask reduces wrinkles, increases the production of collagen. Evens skin tone. And acne improves, you can lie down. Can watch shows or even do embroidery. Enjoy easy results.

FOREO BEAR™ 2 eyes & lips

This device requires you to put in some effort. If you really want to get the most out of the FOREO BEAR™ 2 eyes & lips microcurrent stimulator, use it every night for two minutes. In a week the first results will appear, which are amazing. Just apply the water-based gel around the eyes and lips and you will see – or rather feel – the power of the device. Microcurrent gives your skin a great look extremely quickly.It smoothes, tightens and shapes, while improving the absorption of products.The results are worth it, don’t you agree?

Concept Perfect Skin PO2030 ;How Beauty Devices Affect The Skin

The Concept Perfect Skin PO2030 Ultrasonic Spatula is the minimal facial technology you can have at home. It offers many results and is relatively economical.It improves the quality and elasticity of the skin and cleans it deeply, while improving the absorption of serum and cream, enhancing their effectiveness. Don’t forget to always use the spatula on fresh skin to avoid any irritation. My tip: Apply a cloth mask and massage the face with the massage side of the spatula. You will enjoy wonderful results in no time.

Products that make your skincare routine more interesting

How Beauty Devices Affect The Skin

Silk’n SkinVivid

The Silk’n SkinVivid massager offers multiple and excellent benefits for the skin. You can choose warm or cold mode or even sonic mode. Warm massage enhances blood circulation, relaxes tension and contributes to better absorption of facial care products. The cold massage tightens and smoothes the skin. It is also perfect for headaches and puffy eyes. Whether they’re swollen from crying, partying, or night shifts at work. The sonic vibrations further enhance all the effects of the massage.


The FOREO KIWI™ Derma device is a small revolution in facial care. It can do almost anything.It clears clogged pores, reduces wrinkles, smoothes the skin’s surface and reduces dark spots. However, using it takes some practice. If the movement over the skin is not smooth and you happen to get “stuck” somewhere, a bruise can form. For this reason, first try using the device in your hand. Redness may appear on the skin after use, so it is ideal for massaging in the evening. Finally, treat your face with a rich dose of hydration and in the morning you will wake up with smooth and glowing skin.

FAQs ;How Beauty Devices Affect The Skin

How should makeup selection and application be approached to ensure safety?

It’s crucial to use only cosmetic products for skin application, never use non-cosmetic products, and ensure that makeup products are used as directed.

What are the safety precautions associated with hair products and hair styling tools?

When applying hair dyes and styling products, wearing gloves. Avoiding dispensing large amounts of sprayed products in closed areas, and using hairspray face shields are essential safety measures.

How should makeup and hair tools be stored to promote cleanliness and minimize shared use?

It’s important to clean and sanitize reusable tools, store makeup in sealed containers, and place tools in sealed, labeled bags to keep them clean.

What are the recommendations for the proper removal of makeup to ensure performers’ health?

Avoid the use of solvents for makeup removal, and promptly remove makeup after each performance using cold cream followed by warm water and an exfoliating cleansing product.

What are the general safety guidelines for handling makeup products and hair styling tools?

It’s crucial to read product labels and safety data sheets, know ventilation requirements, and dispose of products as required by the manufacturer to ensure safe handling.

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